Duck Hunt confirmed for Brawl.

did it taste good
not really i dont know why i ate it

i got 4 years reaction to deleted photos and 4 years reaction to teeth falling out
maybe you just hate babies…
yeah i know how to read the expiration date im just too dumb to do it
all of those methods point that the bacon definitely was bad i hope it kills me

All the related vids for me is crying children
is it the katy perry crying baby because i got that one

All of the related videos is that clip from Adventure Time where Jake makes bacon pancakes
i know but im unsure why
i only tagged it as “bacon” and “dipper”

that bacons best before date was 11 days ago ugh

found a strange box in my cupboard i think ive found out what its for

there’s no conspiracy its just this chick came out saying she slept with a lotta dudes despite being married and white knights are saying its okay because she’s just a womyn showing her pryde
she never admitted to it it was her angry ex boyfriend that said she did these things

Album Art


We Like Pizza - Pizza Kids

You’re welcome, world. 

theos eurotrash band got a record deal i see

(via homugi)

ArtistPizza Kids
TitleWe Like Pizza