Godspouse/courting F.A.Q.



Disclaimer: All of the stated below are from my personal experiences and they may not match up with other people’s beliefes/ideas/whatever. My word isn’t law. It’s just my opinion and thoughts.

How do you know if you’re being godcourted?

- For me it sort of…. Hit me. Someone had said “Oh god, I hope Loki doesn’t want you as a godspouse right off the bat” and then I couldn’t get the thought or idea out of my head. I kept getting signs and I mean, I wasn’t all “OH THEY WANT ME AS A GODSPOUSE MWRWAHAHAHA” no. I was more of “What the actual fuck is going on?”.

How does it happen and what do the Gods get out of the relationship?

- Well for me when Loki was ready to give me signs, I had started noticing small things. He marked himself on my body (I had banged my leg and when the blood and wound healed up, it was Loki’s sigil). I kept having urges to give bloodoaths to him and for the longest while I thought he wanted me as a devotee. 

Usually, with Godspousing/courting, I feel like the God gets a companion and love out of a relationship. Sometimes they get less, sometimes they get more.

Is it common to be in a polygamist relationship with the gods(esses)?

- No. I didn’t even think it was possible before I began courting Loki and Thor. It’s not impossible I’m guessing, but it’s definitely not common or reccomended.

How do you feel about other godspouses? What are some of the pros (I hear a lot of cons)?

- I don’t mind other godspouses. :) Every relationship is unique and different. However, I do have problems when other spouses try to invalidate another spouses relationship for whatever bullshit reason they feel. I’ve only ever really talked to one godspouse (stagkingswife) and she’s been able to provide help and a shoulder to lean on, along with telling me advice that I need to remember (like Thor and Loki are little shits sometimes and I can tell them NO). I’ve  ran into far too many rude and mean godspouses who have (poorly) attempted to invalidate my relationship with both Thor and Loki because it didn’t fit their standards. *scoff*

What does a god/dess want when they court you?

- It’s different for everyone.

How do you balanace a potential godspouse with a physical significant other?

- Man, I don’t fuckin’ know to be honest.


Inbox Message Questions:

Can there be same-sex godspouses?

- Slash it the fuck up bb. (aka yes).

What’s your relationship like with Thor and Loki?

- Confusing as all fuck. But it’s nice at the same time. I like the fact I wasn’t forced to choose. It would have hurt me a lot.

What’s your sex life like? I know that gods and their spouses have sex…. But how?

- >___< I prayed so hard that I wouldn’t get this question. Alas…. *grumbles*

Uh…. My sex life with them is pretty great. Yeah. >_> Only Thesavagedaughter and Khalheyokha get details on how great. I really don’t like talking about it with anyone else. It’s sort of…. awkward and uncomfortable. I hate feeling like I’m pushing my sex life with Thor and Loki in people’s faces.

How does it happen? Well, for me it’s in the astral. Like, if they want some they’ll literally not stop fucking bothering me until I travel or they’ll make me tired to the point I have to sleep (and I always travel when I sleep. Usually Thor’s the one doing it this way). I’ll sometimes be able to “feel” them in the physical realm. I’ll be able to tell where Thor’s hands are, or where Loki’s lips are going. A lot of the times I can close my eyes and all but see them. It’s kind of unnerving actually.  I don’t mind it, but when you start feeling a God touching you and kissing you, you get all “asoilkdjasjdsaklfjaklfifsveaofvhedklgvejdgd” about it. 



If you have anymore questions you can drop me a message. Also a good person to go to is stagkingswife. She’s amazing.


ah yes nothing says ‘i’m special’ like pretending to be courted by gods that just appeared in movies

im in a relationship with the christian god and allah

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