there is this tiny green spider hanging atop one of my armhairs its so fucking cute

so guy in paranoia agent is a pedophile rapist that wants to fuck his own daughter

he has a camera in his daughters room with a live feed to his laptop

his daughter finds out about this when trying to change his desktop background to a thank you card for him

he literally has a shortcut to the camerafeed on his desktop

its not hidden and the computer has no password


meanwhile the k tag is just of the three girls. lets switch

i checked the paranoia agent tag on paheal and i was actually pretty surprised to find that its mostly just yaoi of the fat kid

something something piccolo dick

Look at this piece of shit moth. Thinking he can be large and sit on my wall and stare at my light like he goddamn owns the place. I got some news bucko, I goddamn own the place!

what is this evangelion

rare weird squirrel discovered

I started singing Nuclear to my dog and she barked at me.

homugi replied to your photo
look alikes
one of us needs to go on a diet so we stop looking so alike