can you get a 2d pig westerner waifu in kim kardashian farmville visual novel because i need to get on that

well yeah but bugs still come in when you open a door and most peoples homes have tons of harmless bugs living inside the dark walls and floors for years

i turn on the lights to my bedroom and see this big earwig looking bug on the wall near my bed

it hadnt moved since id gotten in the room so i start thinking that this asshole just shed his skin on my fucking wall and crawled away

i poke it and the fucker spreads its wings and flies at me as i jump away from my bed

i cant sleep here now

fall over
i was gonna do that anyway

I haven’t taken my stomach pills in two nights so I’m having really bad heartburn but i really want to eat a cupcake, what do I do?

it took about a minute to kill him that was underwhelming

don’t you like her attempts at porn with a villian that isn’t even that relevant
its really weird the bosses in the first spyro dont even speak let alone get a cutscene introducing them theyre just like regular enemies that have a name and you have to hit more than once how do you fall in love with that

im almost finished spyro and im on the semifinal boss jacques

ive never fought him before but the sight of him is really giving me some bad flashbacks

possum was in the backyard tonight shortly followed by six raccoons at once

gwbw was good the ending reminded me a lot of edge of tomorrow

concept arts nice mostly ill have to try to unlock it all as well as finish on hard

i probably wont be able to do hard though i could barely handle easy